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At Cardinal Consulting Inc. we will work with a selected group of new security service business owners. Using the CSM Contract Security Management program. Working with each owner as an individual and understanding the needs of that owner in his/her market. Supporting and directing the new owner to avoid the pitfalls of a new business.


The vision of Cardinal Consulting Inc. is to provide an innovative approach to owners of security services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients based on a fundamental belief that security is a basic human right and need. Our vision statement is “we’re here to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.” What this really means is that we recognize our clients have a purpose, which they can only fulfill if they provide physical environment is safe and secure.  Cardinal Consulting Inc is guided by a set of core values: Honesty and Integrity, Relationships, Serving, and Learning.


Cardinal Consulting CSM consults on physical security guard operations in a variety of property segments. We’ve achieved this success through supporting ownership, technology and a brand presence supported in their own markets.  The local owner is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Owners have access to business coaching in marketing, sales, operations, technology, payroll, billing, compliance, and accounting. Cardinal Consulting was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2002. It offers its services and support to owners in the USA only.


Cardinal Consulting is working to transform the security guard services sector. What sets us apart is the support and technology that we identify that allows each owner to stay focused on customers and officers in their market. Owners have access to an unequaled pool of resources to develop their business, like industry-leading software for efficient operations to Business Coaches who will help you set a business plan and achieve your goals. We advise on the process of your payroll and on invoicing and collections. A spirit of collaboration keeps owners connected through Owner CSM groups. We provide training, weekly webinars, video on demand, podcasts and even a documents club. The high point of every year for the CSM owner group is the annual online Convention, where we give each owner time to make a presentation on his/her company performance in the past year.



Joe Russell is the CEO and Founder of Cardinal Consulting Inc.; it was founded in 2002. He has a combined 40 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Contract Security Management. Managing both National and Locally owned services. In 1982 he attended the prestigious CPP Security Management Academy in Van Nuys Ca. A great deal of his basic knowledge was formed by attending and working in this exciting environment.  He has been licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, and Virginia. During the period of 1989 until 2001 he owned and operated his own security service: Triad Protective Services. His company during that period was awarded the National Blue-Chip Enterprise award by the US Chamber of Commerce and was the first security guard service to ever receive the award. After successfully selling his company in 2001 he was determined to help others start and build their own security guard service companies.


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